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Your alternative to single use plastic

At Cupalors, we offer a refined alternative to disposable cups. Our goal is to fit urban travelers with a touch of coffee elegance that complements your style thanks to our unique range of luxury travel mugs.

Each insulated travel mug is covered in fine yet resistant materials by French craftsmen. All of our covers can be taken off and are interchangeable. We aim to encourage the use of reusable products by offering beautiful accessories you’ll want to walk into the office with.

Cupalors products are suitable for coffee and tea lovers and our range is ideal for all those who care about details: if your watch, shoes and your belt all match, you’ll find the Cupalors travel mug you need to finish every curated outfit.

Product care

All Cupalors covers are removable, making Cupalors products easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Here’s how:

Merino wool models: Remove the wool cover, wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water.

Lamb’s leather model: Regularly waterproof your leather covers as you would leather shoes. Wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water (removal of the leather cover is optional as long as the cover is waterproofed and not left to soak in liquid).

Cork leather model: Cork leather has the added bonus of being naturally waterproof. Wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water (removal of the leather cover is optional).

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Corporate Gifts

Customise a useful, quality gift with our laser engraving service

For more information, contact Kirsty for a quote: kirsty.morgan@cupalors.com