French coffees explained

Product care

All Cupalors covers are removable, making Cupalors products easy to maintain on a daily basis, here’s how:

Merino wool models: Remove the wool cover, wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water.

Lamb’s leather model: Regularly waterproof your leather covers as you would leather shoes. Wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water (removal of the leather cover is optional as long as the cover is waterproofed and not left to soak in liquid).

Cork leather model: Cork leather has the added bonus of being naturally waterproof. Wash cup by hand with warm mild soapy water (removal of the leather cover is optional).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Your alternative to single use plastic

At Cupalors we endeavour to be your sophisticated alternative to a paper cup, and we aim to fit every urban traveller with the ultimate finishing touch to a fully curated outfit, thanks to our unique line of tailored luxury travel cups.

Each and every cup is hand dressed in the finest of materials by artisans, bringing you only the best as we lighten landfills and support artisanal arts.

Cupalors products are suited to coffee and tea lovers and our wide range of styles ideal for the commuter with an eye for detail. If your watch, shoes, and belt all match, we’re here to make sure that the beverage you carry in front of you keeps up with your finely tuned style.