C U P A L O R S 

Cupalors is a French brand founded by Kirsty Morgan, a British ex-pat adopted by the French. The Cupalors collection was born of her wish to bring a touch of sophistication to travel mugs, whilst helping to put an end to the waste caused by single use coffee cups.

Every year the European Union produces 25 million tons of plastic waste, only a quarter of which is recycled. Plastic lined coffee cups play an important role in this polution, in Britain alone 2.5 billion single use coffee cups are thrown away annually. After gaining knowledge of these statistics and conscious of her personal contribution, be it throw away coffee cups at the office or from take away coffee shops, Kirsty wanted to change her habits and be part of the global movement towards reusable products.

Cupalors supports the transition towards ‘reusable’ by offering reusable products whithout aesthetic compromise, we aim to be the travel mug you want to take to the office!