Christmas gifts for coffee lovers

As you write up your perfect gift list for family and friends we’re here to help you with the coffee lovers in your lives. Should they be expresso or latté fans, this is our take on the best of what 2018 has to offer.

1/ Bean Box coffee hamper

This brand offers a selection of interesting coffees for their baskets and boxes, with biscotti and chocolates. Should you be looking for a subscription to a one-off box, their offers are very flexible. I would personally love one of these (hint-hint, to my family).

2/ Luxury travel mug

Have your lucky coffee lover looking amazing as they step into the office in the New Year with a luxury French dressed travel mug instead of their usual flimsy coffee chain paper cup. Not only will they look good but they will get a reduction on their daily coffee and be saving the planet at the same time – it’s the gift that just keeps giving. We love the new leather collection, and actually own three of them already, if they’re not into leather, there is a cork and a merino wool felt collection.

3/Hario V60 pour over kit

The pour over method allows you to control factors such as taste and strength better than other brewing methods. This Japanese brand has been around since 1921, and would be the ultimate present for a coffee snob, and this particular set provides you with everything you need to brew up to four cups of coffee.

4/ FreshRoast SR500 Automatic coffee bean roaster

This home roaster will fill your coffee lover’s life with smells of joy in the morning, and as any café connoisseur will tell you, the fresher the beans the better the coffee. If you’re looking to splash out this device would pair perfectly with a pour over kit.

Freshroast SR500

5/ Vintage Belgian syphon coffee maker

This beautiful contraption produces coffee using vapour pressure to brew between 3 to 5 cups of expresso. It’s fun to watch and will look amazing in your kitchen (there is also a silver version).

Vintage Belgian syphon coffee maker

6/ Coffee joulies

The phase change material in these stainless steel polished gems will cool off a coffee or tea that is too hot, only to then keep your beverage at a steady 60°C (140°f), these are a great gift for someone who takes their coffee on their daily urban commute. Also they are shaped like coffee beans and are beautifully presented.

Coffee Joulies

Let me know if you have any other suggestions,

Bye for now,