Cupalors - New Years resolutions for coffee drinkers

New Year’s resolutions for coffee drinkers

Mindful drinking

We hear the word mindful thrown about all over the place at the moment, the definition of the word is to be ‘conscious or aware of something’ (Oxford dictionary). Can you honestly say you take a few minutes to really savour each brew you make? How many of us take the time to make the perfect pour-over only to drink it whilst answering e-mails completely detached from our taste buds, and a million miles away in our heads?

Making the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, honouring the effort we have put into making a coffee (if you have) should be something we can fit into our daily lives. None of us seem to have the time, but on average we find the time to check our mobile phones between 50 and 100 times a day, and that number goes up if you’re a millennial. How about reducing some of our virtual addiction time and re-injecting it into our real lives. Begin with sipping a coffee for a few minutes – nothing else…

Branch out

Do you always go to the same coffee house because the barista knows exactly how you like your latte? When you eat out do you always go to exactly the same restaurant? (If your answer to this question is “yes” then maybe skip to resolution number three). Try out some new coffee houses, baristas have their training and then they have their signatures, just like chefs, so treat your coffee houses like restaurants, try new ones, see what they’re offering and keep them on the rotation list if they work for you!


Ditch the take away cup

If you are a daily takeaway coffee drinker, or you have good coffee machines at work, you’re going to be piling up on your single use coffee cup quota if you don’t have a reusable one. One simple easy gesture for the planet that is within everyone’s reach is a reusable coffee cup, make the effort and make yourself feel good. There are many different options out there, ours are thermal and covered in luxury materials.



Take a book or a paper to a cafe and read alongside your favourite caffeinated beverage. Tried and tested – even thirty minutes will bring you a real feeling of ‘you time’, it will allow you to disconnect from digital, your ‘to do’ list, and savour the moment, coffee included. Reading is a stress-reducing activity, improves brain function and induces better sleep. You’ll feel good coming out of a café reading session.

Improve your brewing techniques

Unless you are a bona fide barista or a coffee nerd, you probably only master one or two techniques when it comes to home brewing. How about taking an adventurous step into the unknown in 2019 and learning a few new techniques to make your morning even better.

And if you have the time here is a complete guide with several drip methods:

Happy New year!

Bye for now,


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