slow coffee

What is slow coffee?


We hope you’re doing well and that you’re managing to make time for quiet coffee and tea moments every day. This month, for those who are a little unsure of the whole slow coffee process, we wanted to share some simple methods with you, rituals to delight the taste buds of coffee lovers!

Using a process that extracts coffee slowly with the help of a filter, these gentle methods are already much more present in the UK than in France. Slow coffee uses a longer preparation needing no pressure and gives coffee a sweeter taste, revealing all the aromas of the coffee. Several methods are available to you if you want to discover the delights of such coffee. Here are three of our favourites:

The French press

This good old classic brews coffee in hot water before being filtered by the piston. Result: Fast and full-bodied, best method for making multiple cups.

The vacuum coffee maker

When heated, the vacuum causes the water from the jug to rise to the top containing the ground coffee. Once brewed, the coffee goes back down through the filter into the jug, ready to be tasted. Result: a rich and light coffee.

The dripper (The manual filter coffee maker)

“Dripper” coffeemakers allow controlled extraction of freshly brewed coffee slowly through the filter. Indeed, it’s the user who controls the flow rate, the temperature and the infusion time. Equip yourself with a kettle boasting a swan neck spout to further control the flow of water and obtain the ideal coffee. Result: very fragrant coffee, good method for making several cups.

The success of the method chosen will depend on many factors including the choice of coffee bean. The more the beans are roasted and dark, the more powerful the coffee will be and will have a pronounced bitterness. For slow coffee, we choose a bean of light to medium color, softer and balanced. The fineness of the grind is also important. Too fine, your coffee will be too intense. Too thick and your coffee will be very weak in taste.

We can’t wait to fill our Cupalors!

See you soon,